The Only Online Marketing Strategy You’ll Ever Need

Multiple Marketing Channels Make the Difference

Perfect Balance - Your Only Online Marketing StrategyFloating your business on only one online marketing strategy like SEO or PPC is disillusioned. For online success you need to build your traffic/sales/lead generation strategy on multiple marketing channels and concepts like (not a complete list by far):

  • Banner Ads
  • Creating authority content that helps your readers and solves their problems. Free How To articles and tip sheets are at the top of that list.
  • Blogging – to distribute your content and establish you as an authority
  • Email marketing
  • Display and Classified Ads
  • Event Marketing
  • Joint ventures (other peoples email or mailing lists)
  • Local SEO marketing for companies that do business in a certain locality like a specific city or neighborhood
  • Mobile marketing – for example, Nielsen Mobile studies showed that 97 percent of mobile subscribers will read an SMS (text) message within 15 minutes of receiving it
  • Newsletter Marketing
  • Press releases – you always have important information to get out to your audience
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) like Pay Per Click advertising (PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) based on PPC results – using the keywords drawing the most conversions and activity, the ads that draw the clicks and the landing page content that converts the best
  • Social Media Marketing – It used to be all about ranking. Now it’s about creating content that is engaging and worthy of sharing – and getting others to engage with it and share it. See many of the Google+ social media posts from our CEO Michael Cordova.
  • Solo ads (eNewsletters) that are read by your target audience
  • Traffic Services
  • Video marketing – reinforces your brand and increases traffic and conversions
  • Webinars

You get the point.

Test, Optimize, Then Roll Out

Start by with Google PPC testing then roll out to other channels. When done right you’ll increase conversion rates by 10x, 20x and a lot higher than that. You’ll find:

  • A handfull of keywords that convert at above 20%.
  • Ad click-through rates will improve from less than 1% to above 10%
  • Landing page conversion rates rise from less than 1% to above 10%

This will increase your conversion rates by a multiplied 100+ fold. That’s when you update your website content then roll out an SEO campaign and marketing/advertising in other channels. Ads become calls to action on your pages, email subject lines and page meta-descriptions. Roll out the content that converts best into other channels (some listed above), then send all of your multi-channel traffic to your landing pages that now convert like crazy.

It is a very methodical and proven strategy.

Balance and Stability Are the Result

Income based on 10 customers is more stable than income based on one. It makes for less risk for yoour company and lower interest rates when you apply for credit. A base of multiple foundations is stronger than a base with only one. This is exactly the same concept.

A balance of testing, optimization and roll out will stabilize your business, and is all you need to be successful online.

21st has been doing all of this since the beginning of the Internet, so contact us if you’d like to discuss using these tactics in your business Internet marketing strategies.

21st will provide you with a comprehensive, FREE local SEO website audit to show you where your website fits into the increasingly competitive local SEO rankings landscape. We'll also provide a custom custom local marketing proposal at your request.

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Michael Cordova is President/CEO of 21st Century Technologies, Inc., a Denver local SEO marketing company that specializes in online marketing for local businesses and SEO web design and has been doing it literally since the beginning of the Internet. 21st websites are built for sales or lead generation and always hit the mark. Founded in 1993, 21st also provides WordPress SEO web design, custom database software development and online technology and branding consulting.

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