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Batch Image Converter

Batch Image ConverterWe created this Windows-based Batch Image Converter graphics program to automate the process of compressing and resizing the height and width of graphics files and images. If you have many images to resize for a website, maybe from your digital camera, this application will resize and compress them in seconds instead of the hours it can take to process many images. You can easily compare the converted images with the source images and convert single or multiple images and graphic files.This application runs on all versions of Windows from Win 98 and up.

NEW FEATURE – With one button click you can create the entire page of HTML code (valid XHTML 1.0 Strict) needed to view your images on a website. This code allows you to change the number of columns, table padding, table spacing and source and destination folders.

It converts across the following formats:

  • BMP
  • EMF
  • JPG
  • PCX
  • PNG
  • TGA
  • TIF

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