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Denver WEO Web Design Company 21st Century Technologies, Inc. is ranked 9.75 out of 10 based on the 20 user reviews below.

Since 1993 we have helped countless clients improve their company processes and sales. Below are a few reviews from satisfied customers.

I would highly recommend Michael Cordova as an expert in website search engine optimization, web design and web development. Michael is the best SEO / Internet marketing consultant I’ve ever met. His work to optimize the TransMagic website not only produced an 8-fold increase in lead generation, but it also stood the test of time. Recently Michael helped us to re-do our website and SEO to take advantage of more sophisticated techniques in his knowledge base.
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Rating: 10.0”

Todd Reade, CEO
TransMagic, Inc.

I have worked with Michael for almost three years now and he has never ceased to amaze me. I’ve worked with a number of SEO people over the years and he puts them to shame. He is simply the best of the best. He’s done more for our site in a few months than other people have done in years. His knowledge of WordPress is quite impressive. I highly recommend Michael Cordova to build your WordPress websites and bring in sales leads for you through SEO and other online marketing means.
Rating: 9.8

Pedram Shojai, CEO

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michael on redoing my website which he did an amazing job of guiding me through the process with recommendations that best fit my industry. I have been working with 21st Century on my SEO work for well over a year and the SEO results are larger prospects are finding me via the web and creating bigger opportunities for my company. I highly recommend Michael and 21st Century for your website design and SEO activity if your goal is to have the best possible presence on the internet.
Rating: 9.9
Gina Kaelin-Westcott, Sales Strategist/ Sales Trainer/ Business Development /Speaker /Author
Con·nect Selling™.com

Michael’s knowledge with WordPress is nothing short of amazing. His recommendations were spot on for what we needed on the backend of our site and he explained very clearly the why and how. His philosophy is to empower the client so we can make changes without the need of a programmer. I highly recommend Michael if you are looking for a new website or just wanting to optimize the one you have. To sum it up, High level of integrity, professional and truly an expert!
Rating: 9.6
Jamie Gallegos, President
Social Climb

We hired Michael at a make-or-break time in our business and he has made all the difference. We now have a solid, well documented systems platform to host our community. And Michael and his team provide ongoing expert technical support, WordPress consultation, social media support and consultation, software development, SEO, and PPC for our booming business. When you dream big, you need a dream technical team. That’s Michael and the 21st Century crew!
Rating: 9.9
Karen Tax, CEO
I Am Learning Community

Michael Cordova has a commanding knowledge of several software development languages as well as expertise in developing websites. He was an early pioneer in the development of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) coaching and assisting clients to maximize their exposure in the marketplace. For over ten years I have relied on Michael’s expertise and worked with him on projects. He is the first person I call for an opinion on a perplexing problem or when considering a new methodology. I highly endorse any work that he is involved in. He is reliable and delivers high quality work well within established deadlines. I have and will always consider Michael on any project needs. I highly recommend his talents to anyone with any type of software development needs
Rating: 9.9.
Vernon Kercher, Senior Application Developer
Western Union

Michael created my very complex website requiring a custom database software application and a built-in flexibility for growth. He is a problem solver who has my marketing goals always foremost in the solutions he crafts. I have tremendous respect for his prodigious skills and thorough mastery of his field. THANK YOU MICHAEL!!!”

This is absolutely amazing! Look at the search engine results you delivered on the words “targeted neighborhood advertising”. OMG! I’m just floored!” (21st note: 2 days after site launch the site was ranked #1.)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Rating: 10.0
Patricia Anthone, Publisher
Sponsored Publications
Our Neighborhood Directory

21st Century took my start-up website from non-existent on website searches to a top ranking site in a matter of months. I am constantly receiving compliments on how great our website looks. We are now getting several good leads from potential clients all over the country and even as far as The United Kingdom. Michael is always striving to make our website better and better all the time.
Rating: 9.6
Teresa Mendel, President
The Go To Gals, A Personal Concierge Service

Michael’s ability to work with WordPress and many other tools is second to none. We found that his recommendations for our site to be very insightful and helpful. Michael went to great lengths to explain each step and phase in the site development and provided excellent guidance at every turn.

Michael works very hard to empower the client so we can make changes without the need of a programmer by providing in-depth information and resources. I highly recommend Michael if you are looking for a new website or just wanting to optimize the one you have.

Michael has the highest level of integrity, professionalism and industry knowledge.
Rating: 9.7
Jack Kirk, Regional Manager for East/Central US,

Michael is a world-class online marketer and knows how to get the Internet to pay attention to your initiative. Some of the results I’ve seen him achieve are mind-blowing and incredibly fast–I’m glad I found him.
Rating: 9.9
Peter Johnson, President

I’ve had some bad experiences with technical providers, and what a relief it was to find Michael last year. He is a *dream* to work with and truly a person of integrity. I was, and continue to be, impressed with his knowledge of SEO & technology, responsiveness, and creative thinking. He also is a good business person which seems to be rare in this field. I am delighted to recommend Michael & the folks at 21st Century. They are all first class!
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Rating: 9.9
Diane H. Craver, Partner
I am Learning Community

I have enjoyed working with Michael very much. He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, energetic and dependable. I give Michael my heartiest recommendation!
Rating: 9.5
Phil Dineen, President,

Michael is a consummate professional who takes great pride in his work. Would highly recommend him to get the job done right.
Rating: 9.3
Dan Lightner, Franchise Owner
All American Decorative Concrete

Michael at 21st Century is a WordPress genius. He works fast and without error and your site is SEO optimized. I guarantee you will be satisfied with his work and service.
Rating: 10.0
Troy Stockinger
The Adwords Expert

21st Century Technologies and Michael Cordova have successfully built and delivered several in-house custom database systems and web based systems for us and I would highly recommend 21st Century Technologies and Michael Cordova. I have known Michael for over 15 years. His character and reputation are outstanding. He has worked with me on several customer software development projects and on several in-house software projects for my company. When working on customer projects, Michael has always enhanced our business’s reputation and helped to ensure the successful completion of each project. Michael has always been very attentive to the needs of our clients and has represented our company well.
Rating: 9.8
James P. Greichen, President
Triportals, Inc.

Your standards have proven to be very high, your thought processes complete, and aptitude for your work unmatched; I’m not sure what I can request of you that you don’t already know. However, whatever I can do to help, I will be happy to contribute.
Rating: 9.5
Bryan Powers, President

After going through internal efforts to SEO optimize our website to be found for relevant searches with little success, we consulted with Michael and soon found our web pages indexed at the top of Google, Yahoo, and MSN Search Engines. Based on this success we soon found ourselves obtaining most of our new clients through leads obtained through our website.
Rating: 9.7
Arthur C. Peet, COO
Toltec International, Inc.

Michael possesses a terrific set of skills, covering a wide range of technologies, including some, like Search Engine Optimization, that are in a constant state of evolution. In addition to his wide range of technical skills, he’s easy to work with and absolutely honest. He is very supportive, and communicates well. I highly recommend Michael to all.
Rating: 9.9
John Stith
Independent Consultant

I have worked with Michael Cordova for 7-8 years while he provided web site services for a non-profit trade association for whom I provide administrative and management services. Michael designed and built this non-profit website. He has been sensitive and worked with the association to balance their need to provide services to its membership with a somewhat limited budget. The overall work has been consistent, reliable and timely. Additionally, Michael’s suggested changes to the association’s process/forms has been of good quality.
Rating: 9.3
Kim Lott
President, Management & Consulting Services, Inc.,
VP, Association & Corporate Services, PaymentsNation

A testimonial about our free Batch Image Converter for web developers:
Tech support was great! I had trouble with the install, so I sent out an email to tech support expecting to wait a few days for a response. The same evening I heard back from them and got the kinks worked out. Now it works like a charm. I needed to convert nearly 1300 jpeg picture files into BMP format. My expensive photo editing program could only batch convert to TIFF or JPEG. But my Access 2002 database works best with BMPs. The Batch Image Converter knocked the job off extremely rapidly and without a glitch.

I also noticed that the program allows users to enter a maximum number of pixels for both length and width while maintaining aspect ratio. That’s awesome. I will do all my batch web optimization with Batch Image Converter. With my expensive program, I had to separate my tall pictures from my wide ones and then batch process the two folders separately. Those days are gone.
Rating: 9.7
A happy customer,
Steve Sobek

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