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21st Century Technologies is a web development company that walks the walk and talks the talk…literally. Fluent in numerous Internet website design languages and technologies, we have been keeping pace with the rapid growth of the Internet since its inception.

Note the following:
* We created our website in June 1996.
* In June 1996 there were only a few hundred thousand websites.
* In July 2012 there were 665 million websites.

Conclusion: We were one of the first companies to move onto the Web and have been involved with web development technologies since the beginning of the Internet.

30 second video about our web design services

Due to our level of experience, most competitors can’t match our growing list of successes and our comprehensive knowledge in designing and building custom database software systems. Check out our web design portfolio to see the many successful systems we have designed and delivered. Ready to get started? Contact us today!

Our Process Ensures Ease of Use and Peace of Mind

Here’s what our vast experience in web design and web development allows us to provide for you:

  • A painless process: The best services should come pain-free and our services have proven this time and time again.
  • Guaranteed success: Yes, we said it. We succeed every single time and we have the references for applications we have completed and delivered to prove it.
  • Masters of the Internet: Our web designers, web developers, software developers (computer programmers) are some of the most experienced in the business. They have efficiently stream-lined the process, minimizing your overall website design and web development costs.
  • Thirst for knowledge: The learning process is never complete. Our team is continuously improving their aptitude and understanding of state of the art technologies.
  • Language specialists: All of our software developers have mastered multiple languages and technologies. Then there’s our President Michael Cordova who has developed software in over 50 languages! Serving as the direct manager on all projects, he will ensure your web development project is a resounding success.

At 21st Century Technologies we’re never satisfied resting on past achievements and continue to develop cutting edge software that will surpass your web design and web development expectations.

With innovative designs like our Marketplace Portal and ECommerce Product Delivery System you can optimize the user experience while creating your own marketplace to do business. We’re simplifying the process, but still delivering unmatched results.

Other clients have taking advantage of our successful Online Learning Systems including an Online GMAT Review Course which allows administrators to add exam content and students to take and review the exam with timing options and a Section 508 compliant framework for an Internet based learning company.

This is What Makes Our Websites Stand Out

Our SEO and web designofferings are the best on the market. These are not your typical websites; our web experts take into consideration all critical features associated with successful sites to create websites that:

  • Mobile friendly to satisfy the fast-growing mobile device browser market
  • Incorporate Content Distribution Engine capabilities to publish your content to all of the most important sites on the Internet.
  • Contain Benefit-Oriented, Persuasive Content to maximize conversions.
  • Have error-free, W3C Standards Compliant code or the search engines will have problems separating your content from the code.
  • Have Fast Page Load Times (a big factor in Search Engine Optimization today).
  • Be appropriately aesthetic and proper for your niche or industry.
  • Have top search engine results rankings for targeted and relevant keywords that you have researched to be the most appropriate.
  • Have an extremely high degree of Web Design Usability, a major factor in maximizing conversions.
  • Are continually tested and updated to maximize conversions.
  • Are Promoted in Top Website Properties – this is external SEO.
  • Incorporate Website Analytics to track website visitor progress.
  • Perform the sales lead generation and increased sales that you expect.

While our websites are also supremely functional and highly advanced, they are easily maintained by virtually anyone thanks to the powerful content management systems (CMS) we use in all websites!

We have been honored to design Web sites for such diverse and high-level businesses and organizations as the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado, Well.org, Garter.com and many other professional websites.

Our work in the field of Highly Functional Custom Database Software Systems has included the creation of custom content management applications, large scale construction project management, Internet-based real estate applications and online software licensing applications. If desired we can incorporate and customize free SEO optimized templates to reduce costs. These are available for individuals, professionals, small business owners and established larger businesses.

When viewed as a whole, our vast experience in web design and development has given us the skills necessary to build to the parameters of any project. Your success is our success and we work hard to achieve both.

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