Free Advertising Websites Top 10 List, Top PPC Websites, CRO

Free Advertising Websites Top 10 List, Top PPC Websites, CRO

This Free Advertising Websites Top 10 List Can Mean Money To You

Free Advertising Websites – Top 10 List

…and The Top Paid Advertising Websites

Free advertising websites can make a huge difference to your company’s online exposure. Before you take advantage of these free Internet advertising websites though, you should make sure your keywords, ads and landing page content have been tested to maximize conversions and click-throughs. This is called conversion rate optimization (CRO). A conversion is when someone performs your intended website action – like purchase your product, fill out a form sending you their information or request, calls you or sends you an email. Conversion rate is the number of conversions divided by the number of visitors.

Optimize Before Using the Top 10 Free Advertising Websites

Before you place your ads on all of the free advertising websites listed below, I recommend doing your conversion rate optimization with Google Adwords because they have the traffic to allow you to get it done in very short timeframes. It usually takes us 1 – 3 months before we have actionable results. You start with possibly several hundred keywords and ads with conversion rates less than 1%, then, through testing and optimization you end up with some of them having conversion rates better than 20%!!! This means that when you use these keywords, ads and landing page content in your subsequent advertising you can expect better 20 times the results than before you did CRO! That is worth thinking about, nay, acting upon.

After your CRO is complete you need to roll out your optimized advertising to multiple channels, including the free advertising websites below.

Alexa Rank of the Top Advertising Websites

To provide you an idea of the popularity of each of the sites below I have provided the Alexa rank for each of the free advertising websites and the top high-performance PPC websites below. Alexa rank is a relative ranking number applied to all websites on the Internet based on the traffic the site receives. The most trafficked site,, has an Alexa rank of 1, and all others go up in Alexa rank. Some of the most powerful free advertising websites are also the most visited as you’ll see below.

Top 10 Free Advertising Websites

Not all of the free advertising websites listed below are actually for advertising. For example, Yahoo! Answers is where you place answers to peoples questions. Whenever appropriate you can place a link to your site(s). Be careful. If you truly spam the answers then you’ll be dinged for it.

Yahoo Answers (Alexa rank: 4) – Yahoo! can be one of the most effective free advertising websites on the Internet. Yahoo! Answers allows you to build credibility and links to your site that bring search engine rankings and traffic – since you are now the expert having answered many questions of those in need of your expertise.

Craigslist (Alexa rank: 49) – Craigslist allows you to place advertising about just about anything that suits your fancy. Their reach and visitor activity mean you’re sure to have a lot of viewers for your ads. One of the most popular free advertising websites.

The problem with Craigslist ads is that they don’t allow for styling a clean and professional ad. Craigslist ads are black and white with images. You can put a big image onto Craigslist, which is acceptable in terms only of aesthetics, but that means you can’t put text links onto the page within your content. It is on my list to test HTML versus image ads on Craigslist. See the ad below that I recently placed on Backpage that allows real and up-to-date web design techniques.

Top 10 Free Advertising Websites - Allows Rich Text and Professional Layouts

Backpage Allows Professional Layouts Using Current Web Design Techniques Like CSS3

Backpage (Alexa rank: 695) – Free classifieds with images. You can find apartments for rent and houses for rent and sale, jobs, cats and dogs and personals for sale.

See the ad I recently placed on Backpage in the image to the right. They allowed the inclusion of an external CSS file in my ad which makes a huge difference in presentation. Since the ad is about our full service SEO friendly web design services it was important to show real-life examples of our designs in the ad.

ClassifiedAds (Alexa rank: 2,040) – Free classified ads where you can sell your cars, real estate, jobs, and all of your other stuff.

Oodle (Alexa rank: 2,902) – Free ads allow you access to millions of visitors looking for used cars, real estate, jobs, apartments, tickets, pets and more. Oodle can be one of your most effective free advertising websites in your arsenal.

EBay Classifieds (Alexa rank: 3,055) – Can’t argue with EBay’s success – No fees, No auctions, No shipping – local pickup. Use free eBay Classifieds to buy & sell your products or services locally across the United States.

US Free Ads (Alexa rank: 6,363) – Free classifieds. Tens of thousands of fresh daily visitors, huge traffic and active buyers ensure your items sell fast.

AdlandPro (Alexa rank: 7,054) – Free classifieds advertising and promotion with many options on their free advertising website. This free advertising website Adlandpro allows you to place your free classified ads in their classifieds and community pages, free traffic exchange (120,000 users) and obtain free leads for your business using their community system.

LinkReferral (Alexa rank: 10,165) – At LinkReferral you can receive 100’s of new and focused visitors per day. Their system allows for others to provide written visitor feedback which boosts your search engine rankings. You can network with 300,000+ others.

BestWayClassifieds (Alexa rank: 14,530) – a fast growing advertising company providing free classifieds. They have thousand of worldwide visitors daily. They have hundreds of registered company owners placing ads in hundreds of categories.

Bonus Free Advertising Websites

It is worth exploring all of the free advertising websites to see which ones are best suited to your needs.


FreeClassifieds (Alexa rank: 17,436) – A free Classified site where you can buy or sell anything for Free. Place and search free local classified ads at

PostAds (Alexa rank: 767,011) – offers free advertising and auctions.

Top High-Performance PPC Websites

After optimizing your campaigns using Google Adwords you should use these Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising sites to drop your cost per click and cost per conversion – to do your conversion rate optimization. Also, make sure to test during the entire process to monitor where your lowest cost per conversion is coming from. Once your CRO is done, hit the free advertising websites above with your optimized advertisements.

Google Adwords (Alexa rank: 1!!!) – Search Engine advertising. This Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising site has the most traffic of any other site on the web, let alone of the PPC advertising sites. You should do most of your conversion rate optimization here. An item to note – if you are smart about it, Google Adwords can be one of the best free advertising websites around. Google provides free advertising with many hosting packages. Just open your cPanel account and look around for the Google voucher.

Google Adwords Search Network (Alexa rank: 1) – Google Adwords Search Network places your ads on relevant websites. After doing your CRO you can create other campaigns that distribute ads to the Google content network at a much lower cost per click.

Yahoo! (Alexa rank: 4) – Yahoo! Advertising Solutions has the science to target your most relevant audience, the art to create an engagement with your site visitors, and the scale to reach the most focused audience. Advertising products, marketing tips, and sponsorship opportunities increase advertising results and generate new revenue for your company.

Bing (Alexa rank: 26) – the Bing™ decision engine offers a better-organized search experience and a quicker way to make informed choices. Advertisements connect with an engaged audience by serving highly relevant ads to target consumers when they are purchasing.

InfoLinks (Alexa rank: 816) – InfoLinks in-text advertising allows you to place your ads in the middle of the most relevant content on the web. If your website uses a content management system (CMS) like WordPress then you can just install a plugin and they are integrated into your website.

Bidvertiser (Alexa rank: 1,858) – Pay per click advertising at Bidvertiser places online advertising on sites you deem the most relevant based on your selected channels, geographic targeting, keywords and bid.

7Search (Alexa rank: 5,090) – one of the first companies to place their ads in with organic searches, they started in 1999. 7Search claims they have better ROI than the big Iron search engines, and better support. They are a less expensive PPC site you can use after completing your conversion rate optimization.

Looksmart (Alexa rank: 34,820) – LookSmart is a pay-per-click search network, enabling advertisers to reach additional audiences on their award-winning search marketing platform. LookSmart is a Pay Per Click (PPC) search advertising network serving advertisers keyword-focused text ads on a network of publisher sites. They have a commitment to traffic quality. Their extensive experience and proven AdCenter technology drive superior advertiser performance.

Final Note On Free Advertising Websites

The success of using free advertising websites is solely dependent on the quality of the ads you place. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) can bump your conversions up by factors of 20x to 40x – not percent – twenty to forty times what you start your testing with. Doing CRO properly does cost money, but when you are done you can reap the true gold in them tharfree advertising websites.

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