Small Business Online Marketing – Local SEO Marketing for the Masses

4.5 Stars and A Lot Of Reviews Will Bring You Sales!

Everything You Need to Turn Your Local Small Business Front Door Into a Revolving Door With Tons of New Customers Visiting You Every Day Question: Does this usually sway your decisions? –> It does for most people. When people search online for the product or service they need, they look for the best provider. If […]

Mobile Websites Are Now Required

Comscore Desktop vs. Mobile Users Chart

More Mobile vs. Desktop Users According to comScore, in 2014 the number of mobile users passed up the number of desktop users. That gives you an idea of priorities in the coming months. As of April 21, 2015, if your website isn’t mobile friendly then Google will penalize your rankings on mobile devices – and […]

21 Instant Traffic Methods Unleashed – Proven Methods Used By The Pros to Launch Their Own Products [FREE Download]

Free and Low-Cost Website Traffic That Converts and What To Do With It

There are two things you need to be successful online:  website traffic and conversions. This free white paper lists many sources of traffic that are both free and paid for. Each and every one of them can bring high-quality traffic to your website. Businesses and products have been launched and millions have been made using […]

Quickly Pick a WordPress Theme to Save Time and Money [Reference]

How to Pick a Wordpress Theme - Stacked Rocks at the Top of the Mountain

The total cost of picking the right WordPress theme is not driven by the dollar cost of purchasing a theme. It usually costs more to customize the theme to suit your needs than the cost of the theme itself. Customization can include colors, layout or functional features, but it takes time to make these type […]

Landing Page Tools To Increase Conversions

Landing Pages

This list of landing page tools is all you need to create awesome landing pages that convert into leads and sales. Some are for WordPress, some are stand-alone and some are just tips, examples and resources to make sure you start with an understanding of how to create landing pages, and that your pages convert […]

Guaranteed Website Traffic with Guaranteed Conversions, What?

Safe Haven - Guaranteed Traffic and Conversions

Would quality website traffic and guaranteed conversions change your business? Believe me, it would. If the traffic was scalable, allowing you to ramp up when your business is ready then you have the ultimate sales lead generation business process – and a business safe from search engine algorithm changes. In the words of Walt Whitman […]

Local SEO Marketing Simplified

Local SEO Marketing Simplified

Local search engine optimization (SEO) marketing is the process and strategy of getting your website ranked locally in the search engines, and converting them into customers. This process isn’t rocket science, and when executed in logical order will ensure your local business grows faster than your competitors. First of all, let’s define a local company. […]

Online Marketing Wisdom From a Study of 7,000 Businesses

Perfect Online Marketing Solution

What exactly does it take to get to the next level in your online marketing? This summary from a report done by Hubspot has the definitive information you need to make sure you get the best results of your online marketing efforts. It is the best way to increase traffic and leads. Traffic and Leads […]

Positive Reviews Convince Buyers – 3 Case Studies Show

Positive Reviews

This first case study shows how positive online reviews have positively affected one of our clients online presence. The screenshots below show how the positive reviews they have received since we began the campaign have positively affected their local directory ratings and organic SEO rankings. See the improvements from the past 2 months: See how […]

Top 3 LSI Copywriting Tools Revealed After Analysis, Matt Cutts Remarks

Great Blue Heron - Beauty in Motion

After Matt Cutts recent remarks I spent some time researching the best Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) tools for writing relevant content that gets top search engine ranking and converts. Matt Cutts is the only Google engineeer allowed to publicly discuss Google’s organic ranking algorithms. First, some background on LSI. LSI is a ranking factor in […]

The Only Online Marketing Strategy You’ll Ever Need

Perfect Balance - Your Only Online Marketing Strategy

Multiple Marketing Channels Make the Difference Floating your business on only one online marketing strategy like SEO or PPC is disillusioned. For online success you need to build your traffic/sales/lead generation strategy on multiple marketing channels and concepts like (not a complete list by far): Banner Ads Creating authority content that helps your readers and […]

Viral Content Marketing – How to Create Content That Goes Viral

Anatomy of Viral Content

Creating viral content is possible if you do several things right. If you take the time to plan your content, present it professionally and cleanly then recruit Connectors to pass it along, then you increase the odds of having your content spread virally all over the Internet. Going viral usually isn’t an accident. Viral content […]

Local SEO and Internet Marketing – A How to Guide

#1 Local and Organic Rankings Will Change Your Business Forever

This Small Business Online Marketing Strategy Brings Results To Grow Your Business Massively If you pay attention to your website content you can get a ton of quality traffic to your website from search engines; therefore your job as a site owner is to prove to the search engines that your site is valuable and […]

Local SEO Marketing and the Importance of Citations

Local SEO Marketing - Google Plus Local Listings

Local SEO marketing involves several components to get the best rankings. One of them is citations. Citations Boost your Google Plus Local/Google Maps Placement and Local SEO Marketing Rankings Citations are mentions of your business name, physical address and phone number. When placed onto the top local directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc. you get […]

Best Local SEO Marketing Citation Sources By City

21st Will Put Your Company on the Map!

New Study: The Best Citation Sources By City – I’m really excited to announce a joint study with Darren Shaw of Whitespark that we’ve just published over on the best citation sources for 93 U.S. cities. The methodology for the study was pretty simple: using Whitespark’s Local Citation Finder, we looked for some of […]

Combine Web Hosting to Explode Performance for $11.31/Month

Combine Web Hosting for Website Performance

By Combining Shared Web Hosting Services You Can Get Extensive Capabilities at a Very Low Cost We recently ran across web hosting resource problems on a client website. The short version of this story is that we combined the  services of the two web hosting companies HostGator and Bluehost to provide a very robust solution. […]

Web Hosting Uptime Monitor – Free, Powerful


Web Hosting Uptime Saves Your Business Every business needs to ensure their website is always up. In particular, companies that depend on their websites uptime for their daily revenues need a web hosting uptime monitor to ensure their gravy train doesn’t stop abruptly. The free online web hosting uptime monitor tool provided by UptimeRobot at […]

Music Database Mixing Tool

Music App Tools

Build Your Own Music App If you’d like to have everything that can be gleaned from Internet music at your fingertips then the API (application programming interface) tool made by EchoNest is what you’re looking for. There are many possibilities like advanced playlisting, intelligent remixing and smooth song2song transitions. These capabilities allow you to make […]

Google Search Algorithm Team Video

Google Search Team Video

Google Search Algorithm Video Discussing Spell Correction for Long Queries If you are wondering about the strategies behind the Google search algorithm, then watch this video on the search teams meeting about improved Spell Correction for Long Queries. This has been a problem for a long time so they are now taking the 2 top […]

Free Advertising Websites Top 10 List, Top PPC Websites, CRO

Free Advertising Websites Maximize Your Websites Revenue

Free Advertising Websites – Top 10 List …and The Top Paid Advertising Websites Free advertising websites can make a huge difference to your company’s online exposure. Before you take advantage of these free Internet advertising websites though, you should make sure your keywords, ads and landing page content have been tested to maximize conversions and […]