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Denver SEO Web Design Company 21stsoft.com

21st Century Technologies, Inc. is a Colorado technology company founded in 1993. Having designed and created many mission critical hardware/software/communications systems for the US Air Force at NORAD, our founder Michael Cordova formed 21st to provide success-critical solutions for companies in the private sector.

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We Embrace Web Technologies

21st was originally formed Before the Internet as a custom database software development company. After the Internet was born, the company immediately embraced it and all of its technologies – but most importantly, we were in a position to take advantage of the Internet’s potential since we had already mastered the base technologies of the web.

Now 21st provides many services:

  • Local SEO marketing – We place your website into many of the top slots of the search pages including Google My Business, organic SEO and PPC locations using many strategies like local citations, positive reviews and solid content that leads to maximum conversions.
  • Desktop/Mobile Websites – we build desktop and mobile websites that increase sales and lead generation. This requires core competency in many service categories like full service SEO friendly website design, mobile website development (to include technical issues that most companies don’t consider such as content distribution, fast page load times, usability, error-free code and cross-browser compatibility)
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising – we test keywords and content that convert the best, then roll out all of it into the website and other marketing channels.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/Internet Marketing – which brings in free leads and sales
  • Custom database software development
  • Integrated Social media marketing (SMM)
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